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29 October 2013

*sighs* Adding insult to injury. That's what today was full of.

So, I get back to the house and pull out the spare alternator that I found yesterday . . . and it is locked up solid. DOH!

Then after that annoyance, I went to replace my IAT sensor, as it is reading about -40*F under ambient. I pull out the Crapsman 1/4" ratchet I've had for years and haven't used in likely 5 years and . . . it is broken. The teeth are shot. *sighs*

So, I got precisely nothing done this evening. Yay.

I am going to take the "orignal" alternator to the best rebuild shop I know and see if they can replace the bearings on the cheap (it still charges super well) or if I have to buy a new one. Either way, this is going to get solved and life will go on.