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29 January 2013

What does one do with a clean workbench?


Since finishing cleaning the bench yesterday set me back a day later than I wanted, I needed to finish up porting an oil pump for a customer. 
 That is a Honda D16Z6 pump, the highest flowing USDM oil pump for the D-series. He is installing this into a JDM DOHC engine, which has a stock pump that is rated at quite a bit more oil flow. Porting the above pump will be more than adequate for the task of keeping the engine alive, though, so that is what is on the agenda.

Here are the most offensive areas:

The first pic above is the pump outlet from the pumping rotors. The second pic is the pump to block outlet. 

I popped off the cover with an impact driver being used to take out the screws that hold the rotor cover in place:

 It was time to load up my trusty hanging electric grinder that you've seen before if you've followed this blog for any length of time. I had found this kit on Amazon for a very reasonable price and decided to get it a while ago. Surprisingly, the kit is pretty well made and highly effective on aluminum, which is what they are designed for.

I decided to start off with the ball:

Then clamped the pump in the vise, using a shim to prevent marring on the oil pan mounting surface:

First cuts:
 You MUST be set in place with your tool well supported before contacting the metal. These bits are VERY controleable, but remove material FAST if you are not very deliberate with your motions.

The coned Christmas Tree is one of my favorite bits:

Now it is starting to look pretty decent!

Now that's just about right:
 That leaves no sharp corners at all on the entry, which is what we want.

I took care of the pump inlet, removing not too much material, but just mostly easing the hard edges from the drilling:

 Then I attacked the pump outlet:
 I touched up the outlet some more with the ball, but I didn't get pics of that. Overall, it wasn't a terribly hard job, the most difficult part being cleanup. It will get shipped off tomorrow.