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08 September 2011

First post!

How's it going? This is just a first post to get things started with this blog. There won't be much happening for a while because of two things:
1. I got my fancy new TIG torch, but . . . it didn't come with the connector that allows it to attach to the machine. I haven't gotten one yet because I am )(#(*#$ flat broke after buying all my textbooks and actually moving on campus. I am glad I moved though, because I have much more time during the day to study, and that is going to be my primary focus. As such . . . I have to wait until money shuffles around and try to squeeze in purchasing the adapter so I can finish the collectors. Once the collectors are finished up, I can go ahead and mock up the rest of the headers. That will be pretty quick as it's not too terribly hard at all to do.
2. Classes have started. Since I moved unexpectedly and NOT ONE of my professors had the )(#*$)(*#$ decency to tell us what books we needed in advance . . . I couldn't get used books in time to finish the homework. $150 per textbook is no laughing matter. Ugh.

Anyway, I have Mondays off of class. This is going to be my play date. Since I will be studying and attending classes almost all the rest of the week, that is going to be my day to make some money and finish projects. I'm already way behind, but, I am figuring out how to balance things, and since I have more time to study instead of commuting to and from school, it actually makes things a bit easier.

I hope this format works out easily for the people who may be interested in actually following what I do. This is a prelude to me actually having my own website in the future, when I actually set aside the funds and start a legit, on the books business. I don't think it would take that long, actually.

Let's have some fun!